Unofficial R4R 100k kinda day

We had a little unofficial R4R 100k party today for last years 200k winner, Andy Kubiak. Andy came down to ride the 100k and his parents brought us lunch from one of our awesome sponsors, Art Mart. As of now, it looks like Andy will be the unofficial R4R 100k winner for this year’s corona canceled ride. He would like to challenge everyone to come out and beat his time. He’ll donate a dollar for every second that he’s beat. Let’s brake his bank account!! Go ride the route anytime before the end of the month to participate. Link to the route is on the Ride gor Ray website. Sorry, Andy, but it’s for a good cause. #endALS

Be sure to join the Strava club so we can track your times this year and have a count of how many people participated.

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